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History of the Behavioral Development SIG

At the 1989 Association for Behavior Analysis convention at Nashville, TN, Jacob L. Gewirtz filed papers for a new Special Interest Group. In 1990, in San Francisco, Jacob L. Gewirtz and Martha Pelaez-Nogueras (along with minor help from Michael Lamport Commons) founded the Development and Behavior Analysis Special Interest Group (DABASIG) of the Association of Behavior Analysis (ABA). The new members decided to put on an extensive program each year. Jacob Gewirtz became President and Program chair. Martha Pelaez-Nogueras became Newsletter Editor. Michael Lamport Commons became secretary. In 1995, Martha became Treasurer.

In 1992 we established the following positions:

By 1996 in San Francisco, DABASIG has put on 25 programs including a business meeting and a dinner. It also has put programs on at APA and ISIS and other organizations. A large number of presenters come from outside of ABA.

The Behavioral Developmental Bulletin was established by Martha Pelaez-Nogueras. It began as the Newsletter "Behavior Development" It was to be at least twice yearly newsletter and contain refereed short articles as well as news. The Newsletter published announcements, bibliography, reviews, short papers, requests, letters, commentaries, etc. The newsletter had a peer-reviewed short-article section. Many people read the newsletter and it was a good way to get other to know about your work. This is one way Sig communicates with mainstream developmental psychologists.

The Behavioral Developmental Bulletin became a journal, and in 2009 joined the Behavior Analysis on-line group of journals. In 1990, Michael Markham became an Associate Editor for two years. The Editorial Advisors included Jacob L. Gewirtz and Michael Commons.
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On June 5, 2000, Michael Lamport Commons established Listserv for the sig behavioraldevelopment@yahoogroups.com

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Here is a video of a visit from B. F. Skinner in 1998, with M. Commons, J. Gewirtz, M. Pelaez, and students.


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