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This workshop was designed by Dr. Michael Lamport Commons, Assistant Professor, at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School.  The workshop is intended to teach individuals how to use the Model of Hierarchical Complexity (MHC). MHC is a measurement theory that analyzes the developmental difficulty of tasks represented by the Orders of Hierarchical Complexity. It represents the behavioral developmental stages at which an individual is performing while completing a task.

本次工作坊的内容是由哈佛医学院贝斯以色列女执事医疗中心助理教授Michael Lamport Commons博士设计。这个工作坊的目的是教人如何使用等级复杂性模型(MHC)。MHC是一个测量理论,主要分析任务的难度层级。它代表一个个体完成任务所需的发展阶段。

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Here are the instructions for logging in for the workshop for learning the MHC 以下是登陆等级复杂性模型工作坊网站的简介

The website is 网站地址是:


Once you go to this website, click on the small register button on the left side of the screen


In the next screen you will enter a username, please your email address with CH in the front as your username, for example在下一页,您将输入您的用户名,请使用您的邮箱地址并在前面加上“ch”作为您的用户名, 例如


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Check for the confirmation email查看验证邮箱

In the email there is a link. Click the link to activate your workshop account. Once you have clicked this link在验证邮箱内,有一个激活链接。请点击这个链接来激活您的账号

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Troubleshooting 问题解决

  1. Check your spam folder for the user activation email.若您没有收到您的邮件,请查看您的垃圾邮件。
  2. If you are registered and the workshop still does not work, please try a different web browser. 如果您已经注册成功但是还是没有办法进入工作坊的话,请使用另一个浏览器。
  3. The workshop may not work on certain tablets and older computers 这个工作坊在有些设备中也不不能很好的链接以及被使用

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You can look up “Michael Lamport Commons” in Yahoo.com, commons@tiac.net



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