Section 5- MHC 问题集5 – 等级复杂性模型

Counselor Patient Vignettes  治疗师及病人场景

Read all five vignettes in the Counselor-Patient Interaction carefully 请阅读以下五个关于治疗师与病人的沟通之间的场景
  • Guess the stage of each vignette 并猜测该场景所对应的层级
  • Guess the components of each vignette. 猜测场景中存在的元素
    • What are the:
      • Variables 变量
      • Relations 关系
      • Systems 系统
      • Relations among systems 多元系统

The following 5 stories are set in another country. In each story, a Counselor tries to help a competent Patient to solve a given set of problems. The problems are serious. It is now time to choose a treatment to improve the situation. All the Counselors care for their Patients equally. All the Counselors highly recommend and provide the same basic treatments. But, the Counselors arrive at their choice of how to help in different ways. In every case, the problems worsen and those who are affected suffer. During a general review of these bad results, each method of choosing a treatment was looked at. Below, the Counselors give accurate accounts of their usual talk with their Patients.


Each presentation lasts just one minute, so work as fast as you can.
Do not read everything if you do not need to.


Are you ready? 准备好了吗?