Intro – 2 简介2

  1. Precision Teaching 精密教学

For 15 years in previous workshops we used The Traditional lecture method. We found that it was inefficient at explaining the Model of Hierarchical Complexity. With a more active approach, it enabled participants to quickly master the MHC. Precision Teaching allows users to be more intimate with the intricacies of MHC and our able to understand concepts more effectively at their own time. Through Precision Teaching 95% of participants showed mastery of MHC.


We use short 1 minute time trials and we encourage the participant to go through the trials as quickly as possible. By Forcing the user to be exposed with as much information as possible, this quickly teaches the concepts in the Model for Hierarchical Complexity and frees up the working memory for higher order concepts to be learned.


Decision Rules 判定规则

If the rate of response is stagnant then we move on to random order of questions. The User should move on to the next test if they can answer the question quickly. If one is missing a lot of items, please go to an earlier test, practice and then move forward. This will help in terms of getting answers automatically.  If one does not get the error rate down, please email us at with your specific concerns.