Transfer Task 转化任务

  • In the following short groups of sentences, please determine the stage. After you correctly identify the stage, you will be directed to two questions. The first question will ask you to identify the  reasons why that sentence or statement was at that particular stage. The second question will ask you why that sentence or statement was not at a higher stage. 在下面的短句子组,请确定其所属的层级。当你正确识别其层级之后,你将被引导致两个问题。第一个问题会问你为什么这句陈述属于该阶段。第二个问题会问你为什么这句话不在一个更高的层级

Each presentation lasts two minutes minute, so work as fast as you can. Do not read everything if you do not need to. 每个问题集将持续两分钟,所以请以最快速度阅读并完成题目。您不需要读完所有内容来完成题目。

Are you ready? 准备好了吗?